Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Flashbacks to Holiday Pasts

As I get older, I become more sentimental about my childhood. The memories, those moments that stand out in my mind, the family holidays ... all of which I try to recreate for my own kids. 

With the holiday season quickly approaching,  I have seen a lot of "Flashback" toys popping up on Ebay. I find myself "laughing out loud" as I recognize some of these fun toys ... even remembering the commercial jingle! The real fun is trying to explain to my Generation Z kids these treasures and getting nothing but blank stares and questions like "And that was fun .... how??" It's hard to explain why the Easy Bake Oven was so fascinating when getting asked  ..."Why wait so long when all you have to do is pop it in the microwave?!" 

Does anyone remember these? 

Atari Game Console ... which, by the way, my brother just bought for my son ... It's Back!    

My favorite was the "Land of the Lost" discs ... and admit it ... how many of you poked through a hole at least once?!?!
80's Boom Box ... jamming to "That Girl is Poison" ...
My kids got this for Christmas one year ... gotta be honest ... was way more fun when I had the patience of a kid!

I was a Jersey Girl ... I had these in every color combo ... we would spend hours making them to fit in our big, Final Net aerosol drenched hair!
I begged my mom for Mr. Bubble ... but apparently had too sensitive skin to handle it!

Favorite school supply of all time!
Fisher Price Record Player ...

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

“Toys” of Summer

I spent Memorial Day Weekend at the beach and got a first-hand look at all the fun, portable outdoor games to be played this summer. And because I’m “in the business” (promotional products business, that is) I thought of all the great advertising I could have seen if only a company had branded their logo on some of those products!

Mini Bag Toss Game

Fetch! - 9" Dog Safe Flyer

Tank Water Gun

Beach Set

The Aviator Kite

Ball & Mitt Game

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Puppy Love

It’s been 5 years since our beloved “Halle-Girl” passed away from heart complications. She was my “first child” and my husband’s first dog … ever! A beautiful black and silver German Shepard who was the best friend, watchdog and running partner I could ask for!
The last year or so my kids have been on the “nag” for another dog, so we have finally agreed to start THINKING ABOUT IT! Since then, I feel like everything and anything having to do with dogs has come across my promotional product path! 

Doggie Baby Rib Tank Top

Doggie Bandana

Reflective Dog Collar & Leash Set

Doggie Bag Holder - This bone shaped doggie bag holder is a must have for any pet related activity. The carabiner clip conveniently attaches to a dog leash or backpack- perfect for those unexpected emergencies. Includes starter roll of 15 bags. Refill bags are standard available for purchase at your local pet store.

Portable Pet Bowl - The ultimate travel bowl for pets on the go. Collapses flat to stow or transport.

Dog Bag Dispenser and Flashlight - Single white LED flashlight with twist action on/off power switch. Holds 25 refillable and disposable dog bags. Includes carabiner for easy attachment to belt loop or leash.

10 Pack Pet Paw Soft Wipes - 10-Pack blue soft pet paw wipes in sealed pack. Keep your best friend healthy and clean!

White Large Tin w/ Dog Bones - Dog bone treats in a large silver tin. Cookie and snack treats for the unconditional love our dogs give us!

Fetch-It Dog Toy - Fun for you to throw. Fun for your dog to fetch.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring Cuteness ...

The weather is changing, my daffodils are blooming and we are about to change our clocks … all a sign that spring should be arriving! With this change of seasons, I have pulled out all of our lightweight jackets and clothing only to find that my kids have out-grown everything!  It got me thinking of all the cute clothing I have seen from some of the great companies we purchase from (all which can be embroidered with logos or taglines).

http://wishpromo.com/product/J8138_J_America_Ladies_Glitter_Tee_683485  This Glitter Tee is a “snazzy” version of the classic tee coming in 7 different colors.  


The Medium Check Shirt is perfect for Easter – comes in three different checks.


A comfy, lightweight camo tee in a variety of camo colors! 

 Stylish lightweight rain jacket with multiple patterns.